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History of our family business

We started creating Tvaruzky pastries in 2009, shortly after the opening of our family patisserie that we originally called „Lahudky McTEROZ“. The main aim was to offer a new alternative to the large number of tourists that are coming to our little village in the heart of Moravia to visit the museum of the cheese production or buy this unique regional product. And also widen the offering in the emerging gastro-tourism market. We have blended the taste of homemade puff pastry and delicate Tvaruzky cheese mouse. We have also been continuously improving the recipe. Our first products were Lostice turnover and Lostice tartlet. We create all recipes ourselves whilst the most important factors remains the taste and use of traditional ingredients. New pastries started emerging one after the other and today we have got more than 10 varieties on offer. They are an original delicacy that go well with beer and wine and even though they might look like sweet cakes they are actually savoury.



Our pastries have won number of awards and hold numerous certifications. In 2012 we have won local round of "Businessman of the year" competition and represented our region in a national final in Prague. We have been awarded an amazing second place.

Tvaruzky pastries certificates

  • since 2010 certificate Haná regional product
  • 2010 Česká chuťovka - Loštický koláček
  • 2011 Top výrobek Olomouckého kraje - Tvarůžkový dortík
  • 2011 Regionální potravina Olomouckého kraje - Loštický šáteček
  • 2012 Regionální potravina Olomouckého kraje - Tvarůžková roláda
  • 2012 most popular delicacy of Olomouc region (readers' choice MF Dnes)

Tvaruzky patisserie awards

  • 2011 2nd place Businessman of the year Olomouc region
  • 2012 1st place Businessman of the year Olomouc region
  • 2012 2nd place in national final of Businessman of the year
  • 2012 3rd place Business of the year - Kudy z nudy


Our menu also includes other dishes that use Tvaruzky chesee, such as potatoes pancakes, hot dog and cheese tatar steak. This season’s hottest offer is a Tvaruzky cheese shake.

Where to buy Tvaruzky pastries

You are best to visit our Lostice based patisserie where we make pastries daily, alternatively we sell regularly in local farmers‘ markets and other folklore events in the region, please follow us on social media for latest news. We have been inspired by advice from the President of Association of Czech travel agencies Mr Tomio Okamara who has been encouraging local business to use local products. For us there couldn’t be any more regional than Tvaruzky cheese that’s uniquely produced in Lostice for centuries. Olomoucke tvaruzky is a mature table cheese made of skim (non-fat) milk. It has a completely unique spicy flavour, an unmistakable taste and smell. We hope that you will enjoy the taste of our pastries and will be looking forward to welcoming you in our shop. Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality products and service.