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Tvaruzky patisserie

You will find our shop in Lostice, just 80 meters off the main square (towards the church building). We are looking forward to welcoming you in our small family run patisserie with non-smoking interior and lovely space to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. In summer you can also sit on benches outside our shop. There is a number of free parking spaces for your car and also facility to lock your bike if you are cycling. The shop is also accessible for our disabled customers.

Komenského 325
789 83 Loštice

Opening hours
Monday-Friday 9:30-17:00
Saturday 10:00-17:00
Sunday closed

583 445 062 / 732 606 713

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  • The offer in our shop is extensive, you can buy fresh Tvaruzky cheese pastries, as well as wide range of other regional products Miletinske Modlitbicky, horicke rolls, sticks and pretzels from Sumava region, natural apple juices or unusual liqueurs and brandies

  • Our fast food range is prepared freshly for you on the premise and includes Tvaruzky cheese potatoe pancakes, hot dog or Tvaruzky cheese tartar steak

  • As you would expect in any patisserie we have got a wide range of sweet cakes on offer, hot raspberries and during the summer season gelato ice-cream and slush

  • We can also prepare open sandwiches and platters for any event, and take orders for large cakes. We offer a selection of marzipan cake decorations